Using the Library

The Library is usually open to college members 24/7 during Term and 8am - 10pm during Vacation and staffed Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Finding resources

Use SOLO  to search the library’s holdings, choosing Harris Manchester College Library - - Tips on using SOLO can be found on the Bodleian’s LibGuide.

Borrowing and Renewals

Books are issued for the duration of Term or Vacation. Readers can renew their books via MyAccount on SOLO or by emailing library staff. Books should be left in the dropbox or trolley outside the library for staff to return.

Requesting Books

We usually purchase recommended books on demand from our local bookshops or online suppliers and can have your requests accessioned and ready to use within 24 hours. We also administer the Personal Book Fund which allows students to buy books, e-books and related equipment through the College.

Please complete this form with any requests for the Library or your own Book Fund.

Library Etiquette

The Library is a silent study space
silent study
  • Please keep conversations to a minimum. There are other spaces in College and elsewhere for group and collaborative study.
  • Voices in the library lobby can be heard throughout the reading room so please be quiet when entering and leaving and take all phone conversations outside the main entrance.
Food and drink allowed within reason
food and drink
  • Please do not bring hot or odorous food into the Library or eat in a way that is distracting to others, such as the clatter of cutlery or the loud crunching of crisps.
  • Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the Library.
A tidy library is a happy library
tidy library
  • Make use of the bins provided and clear your food and drink waste after you.
  • Washing up facilities are available in the kitchen downstairs.
The Library is a shared space
shared space
  • Readers may leave their library loans and personal books and papers neatly in the Library.
  • Please clear belongings from desks to the provided trolleys and windowsills so others may use the desk in your absence.
Guests in the Library
  • College members may be allowed to bring a guest into the library between the hours of 8am and 11pm to study at the discretion of library staff.
  • Guests should not be left unattended and during busy periods it may not be possible to allow this privilege.
  • College members are always welcome to show family and friends around the library on short visits.
  • Photography without the use of flash is allowed within the library under certain conditions.
  • Please be considerate of readers’ privacy and ask permission if your shot is going to capture a person’s face.
  • We would kindly ask to be acknowledged as “Harris Manchester College Library, Oxford” if the photo is used in a published work or released online.


Rules for accessing the Library between 11pm and 7am

To ensure the safety and security of College members please abide by the following rules: rules_for_accessing_the_library_between_11pm_and_7am.pdf

Please contact us if you have any questions on this -

Library Classification Guide

Library Map