Why HMC?

A college like no other.


Harris Manchester College is unique within Oxford in that we are the only college exclusively for students aged 21+. There is no upper age limit, and we have students aged from 21 into their seventies!

We accept students for undergraduate and postgraduate study on a wide range of courses.

Our students come to us with a wide range of previous life experiences. For some this is a first degree after other adventures; for others it is a second or third chance at higher education; for others it is a second or third degree; and for yet others it is a rethinking of their life path and a much-valued opportunity to consider what they want to do next. ​

This means that every Harris Manchester student have a story to tell: none have simply come to us as the next thing after school.

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Harris Manchester is a place where everyone has a story to tell.

Professor Lesley Smith, Senior Tutor


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A college for everyone 21+

Harris Manchester accepts mature students of all ages.

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An international community

Our students come from over 45 different countries.

For new and returning undergraduates

Many of our undergraduates already hold a degree

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Undergraduate and Postgraduate study

Harris Manchester accepts everyone from Doctoral students to Bachelors.

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Figures taken from the student cohort as of April 2023.

Figures for first and second UG degrees represent offer holders for entry in October 2023