Generous Donation Funds History Fellowship

Generous donation funds History Fellowship

We are delighted to announce that the Tutorial Fellowship in History at Harris Manchester College, Oxford, currently held by Dr Catherine Jackson, has been generously funded by Bob Peck.

Mr Peck is a graduate of Oxford and former Rhodes Scholar who manages an investment firm in San Francisco. Explaining his incentive for giving to Harris Manchester College, Mr Peck said, “I am a strong believer in the overall mission of the College as well as the wider University, and after having collaborated with its Principal Jane Shaw when she was Dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, I developed enormous confidence in her inspiring leadership.”

We all know what impact a great teacher can have. Funding college fellowships for a specific period, or in perpetuity, is a truly significant way of touching lives and furthering the college’s educational mission. “It is both an honor and also a pleasure to be able to engage with Harris Manchester College in supporting Catherine Jackson’s important work in the history of science”, Mr Peck said. “I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to be connected to the grand mission of the college’s academic endeavours”.

If you are interested in supporting the college in this way, please contact the Principal at:

bob peck
catherine jackson
Bob Peck, Donor to Harris Manchester; read PPE at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar
Dr Catherine Jackson, holder of the Peck Fellowship in History