Hilary Term 2021: Coronavirus Update


In accordance with government guidance on the new national lockdown, the College has closed its main site and facilities until further notice. The majority of students are not permitted to return to College, and the majority of staff should work from home. Teaching will take place remotely, with the tutors drawing on their significant experience of online teaching gained over the last year. 

Students returning to Oxford, alongside those who remained during the vacation, are strongly advised to get tested for COVID-19 using Lateral Flow Device tests and follow the Student Responsibility Agreement and all current health measures. 

The College - and in particular the Bursary - is working to ensure that those who are resident have the best living experience possible in the restricted circumstances.

Though the College Library has closed as a physical facility, college members can contact library staff about accessing materials - click and collect and scanning services remain available. A significant amount of electronic material is also available to members through SOLO.

A range of online activities will run this term, to keep the dispersed college community in contact. This will include the Principal's Fireside Chats, chapel services, and musical events. The College Newsletter will also continue to be circulated weekly.

Though some members of college staff are now on furlough, many will continue to work from home and may be contacted if college members have questions about how these arrangements affect them.

The University's information for students relating to COVID-19 has been updated on the response site to reflect the latest government guidance for students. Visit the student section of the COVID-19 response site.