HMC crew wins blades in Torpids

torpids roses

In recent weeks, the rowers of Harris Manchester have strengthened their participation with our affiliate Boat Club at Wadham (WCBC). Harris Mancunians were recently represented in both the Women’s 1st VIII crew (W1) and Men’s 2nd VIII crews (M2) at Torpids, with the M2 crew creating quite the storm by consistently bumping other crews and successfully achieving blades. In their highly anticipated final race, the W1 crew made an extremely strong start with cox Lizzie Robson soon calling for Wolfson to concede to a bump, however, disaster struck with an open gate, a simultaneous double crab, and the eventual klaxoning of the race due to an entirely unrelated incident.

Coach Rod Andrews remains undeterred by the near miss against Wolfson and is already hot on the surprise drop out drills in preparation for Trinity term racing where the W1 crew will sit at an impressive 4th place on the river in division 1 of summer VIIIs. Social and outreach ties between HMC and Wadham College have also been strengthened this term, with the celebratory Torpids dinner in the Wadham’s Old Library and the W1 crew’s invitation to attend their first HMC formal.

HMC looks forward to proudly displaying our M2s Torpids blades in the JCR alongside those of our past crews, and to training more novice HMC rowers into the boat club. As training for Trinity term commences, the W1 crew maintain that come summer VIIIs, they will ‘take Wolfson down’.