HMC Student Robert Gullifer launches 'How to Lead a School'

Robert Gullifer, Director of the New College School Foundation and part-time MSt History student at Harris Manchester, successfully launched his brand new book How to Lead a School last week. In attendance were the Principal of Harris Manchester College, Professor Jane Shaw, who shared these words: 

‘It was a great pleasure to host the book party for our MSt. student Robert Gullifer, who was formerly a brilliant head of New College School. He brings an abundance of wisdom and experience to his excellent book.  Leaders of all kinds of institutions, not just heads of schools, will find it extremely helpful, and full of practical common sense. 

Robert was joined by Director of the Farmington Institute (and former Principal) Sir Ralph Waller, as well as many current Harris Manchester students, and colleagues of Robert’s from his time as Head of New College School.  

How to Lead a School is aimed at those considering a career within the education sector, and those already working in it. Based on Robert’s decades of experience in senior leadership roles, the book serves as a practical guide for navigating the trials of working in education. 

Robert had these words to share: 

‘A very happy and successful launch of my book on school leadership which I hope will inspire others to take on what must be one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. We need good people to run schools! It was great to be supported by so many students and Fellows of HMC as well as many good friends and colleagues. I have always wanted to develop my interest in History after having taught English for many decades. So I am very fortunate to be a part-time MSt student at Harris Manchester where my interest has been nurtured and everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging. Becoming a student again is wonderful opportunity to develop new knowledge and skills! 

The book is available to purchase from the publishers online and in hard copy at Blackwells Oxford, Broad Street.