HMC student wins Peter Kirk Travel Prize

Harris Manchester student Anna Donaghy (MSc Higher Education) has been selected as the recipient of the prestigious Peter Kirk Travel Prize. The scholarship was launched by Trinity College last year, with the aim of providing students with the opportunity to undertake independent research into any aspect of modern European culture.
Reflecting on this achievement, Anna says: 'My project, More than just the Vatican: An investigation into the practices and identity of religions in Rome outside of the Catholic Church aims to research the religious communities in Rome who are not part of the Catholic Church. My hope is that through this research other religious bodies’ presence in Rome will be highlighted with a reflection on what it is to be a member of an alternative religious affiliation in a city so famous for being the heart of the Catholic Church. My project, I hope, may contribute to understanding multi-faith relationships and, in some small way, perhaps help us to walk the path towards peace and removal of religious conflict. I will be visiting a variety of religious communities and I am particularly looking forward to visiting St Paul’s Within the Walls as it houses the largest Burne-Jones mosaics in the world, a unique link with our College Chapel.'
Anna explains, 'I have been a student at Harris Manchester since 2018, completing my BA in Philosophy and Theology before a PGCE in Religious Education. I am now studying for a MSc in Higher Education and have just received an offer for a DPhil discussing Antisemitism in Religious Education. Alongside my academic studies, I have held various JCR Committee roles and presently support the student body through supplying the tea, coffee and biscuits in the JCR…which is by far the largest responsibility I have had!'