Introducing the new JCR President: Jintong Han

jintong han

Hi there, I am Jintong Han, currently in my second year of reading PPE. I'm from Beijing, China, where I've lived most of my life. Unlike most of my cohort in college, I don't have a fascinating story to tell about my experience prior to Oxford. My studies were interrupted by an unexpected health problem after high school, which now rather seems like a blessing in disguise. Although I did not apply to HMC in the first place, I've been increasingly grateful for being pooled to this cohesive community where people genuinely care for each other.  


The support I've received in the past year in this college prompted me to run for the JCR President in November. Albeit the various social events that HMC has offered, there is still potential to further promote inclusion and diversity. Everyone should be able to have their needs addressed, and their voices heard, regardless of the volume. With that in mind and with the help of the college staff and the rest of the JCR committee members, I am determined to expand the social horizon and place more emphasis on student welfare. We aim to provide more social activities to accommodate different social needs. In addition to bops and the summer event, more events with a non-alcoholic nature and a smaller group setting will be introduced. The JCR will also work more closely with the college to make welfare support more accessible. Surviving Oxford can be challenging, and I will make it my top priority to ensure that students feel supported and included at HMC.  


A similar motivation drove my decision to read PPE. Global inequality is a topic that has been really close to my heart since high school, and I cannot think of a more adequate degree than PPE to help me get a holistic understanding of the area. With the knowledge and skills I'll gain from it, I hope to start a career in international development, promoting equal opportunities and inclusiveness for economically and socially disadvantaged groups.  


That being said, the future is still far away. At this very moment, my primary concerns are still the upcoming collections and my first term as the JCR President. Several other current students and I are also exploring the possibility of assisting the college in getting more alumni involved in the HMC community. On behalf of the JCR, I would like to invite you to stay in touch and come back to visit us whenever you can.