Library Essentials

Absorbing all the information that comes your way at the beginning of the academic year can be challenging.  Here are the essentials things that you need to know to start working in the Library. 

  • The Tate Library is the main Library in College.  It is open 24/7 during term time and to enter and exit the Library you will need your University card.

  • Use SOLO to find books and articles, both in print and online. 

  • Use the self-service machine to borrow books.

  • The Bodleian libraries are the main University libraries and most of them are open to all members of the University.  College libraries are for college members only.  SOLO will show whether an item is held in a Bodleian or college library. 

  • Books from the Tate are issued until the Friday of 8th week but you can renew them over the vacation if you’ve not finished with them.  (Faculty and departmental libraries may have different dates so check your record on SOLO. )

  • Return books either by popping them in the book return box or putting them on Penelope the returns trolley.

  • Remember to let Kate know or email if there are books you need that are not available. 

  • Feel free to bring drinks (not alcoholic!) into the Library if you want and use the coasters to protect the tables if they are hot.

  • Use any table or desk that is clear to work and clear your books and rubbish once you’ve finished. 

  • And finally do remember to ask if you need any help or support.