Degree Ceremonies

Booking your ceremony

How do I book a ceremony?

If you are an undergraduate or a taught masters student, you will be invited to book a ceremony via Student Self Service in Michaelmas Term of your final year. You'll receive emails from the Academic Office and the University with instructions and reminders. There is a booking window that opens partway through Michaelmas Term and stays open until the start of Hilary Term.


In Michaelmas Term 2023, the booking window will open on 28 November 2023 at 10:00 GMT and will close on 31 January 2024 at 23:59 GMT.


Access Student Self Service


If you are a research student or a graduate on a modular masters course, you will automatically receive an email from the University when you are marked has having completed your course. A number of spaces on ceremonies are reserved for students who fall into this category, so that they are not all taken during the booking window for taught students. A list of these courses is below.

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Auto Intelligent Machines and Systems (EPSRC CDT)
Biomedical Imaging (EPSRC & MRC CDT)
Biomedical Imaging (EPSRC & MRC CDT) NOTTS
Cyber Security (EPSRC CDT)
DEng Renewable Energy Marine Structs (EPSRC CDT)
Diamond Science and Technology (EPSRC CDT)
DPhil Ancient History (FT)
DPhil Ancient History (PT)
DPhil Anthropology
DPhil Anthropology (Part-time)
DPhil AOP Physics
DPhil Archaeological Science
DPhil Archaeology (Continuing Education)
DPhil Archaeology (Full-time)
DPhil Architectural History
DPhil Area Studies (Africa)
DPhil Area Studies (China)
DPhil Area Studies (Japan)
DPhil Area Studies (Latin America)
DPhil Area Studies (Middle East)
DPhil Area Studies (Russia and East Europe)
DPhil Area Studies (South Asia)
DPhil Astrophysics
DPhil Atomic and Laser Physics
DPhil Biochemistry
DPhil Biochemistry (OU/TSRI)
DPhil Biomedical and Clinical Sciences
DPhil Biomedical Sciences: NIH-OU
DPhil Cardiovascular Medicinal Chemistry
DPhil Cardiovascular Medicine
DPhil Cardiovascular Science (BHF)
DPhil Chemical Biology
DPhil Chromosome Biology
DPhil Classical Archaeology
DPhil Classical Languages and Literature (FT)
DPhil Classical Languages and Literature (PT)
DPhil Clinical Laboratory Sciences
DPhil Clinical Medicine
DPhil Clinical Medicine (PT)
DPhil Clinical Neurology
DPhil Clinical Neurosciences
DPhil Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
DPhil Comp Philology and Gen Linguistics
DPhil Computer Science
DPhil Condensed Matter Physics
DPhil Continuing Education
DPhil Criminology
DPhil Criminology (Part-time)
DPhil Development Studies
DPhil Earth Sciences (Full-time)
DPhil Earth Sciences (Part-time)
DPhil Economics
DPhil Economics (Part-time)
DPhil Education (Full-time)
DPhil Education (Part-time)
DPhil Educational Studies (Part-time)
DPhil Engineering Science
DPhil Engineering Science (Part-time)
DPhil English
DPhil English (to 1550)
DPhil English Language and Literature
DPhil English Local History
DPhil Evidence Based Health Care
DPhil Experimental Psychology (1+3)
DPhil Experimental Psychology (Direct Entry)
DPhil Experimental Psychology (PT)
DPhil Fine Art (Full-Time)
DPhil Fine Art (Part-Time)
DPhil Genomic Medicine and Statistics
DPhil Geography and the Environment
DPhil Geography and the Environment (PT)
DPhil History
DPhil History (History of Art)
DPhil History (HSM and ESH)
DPhil History (HSM and ESH) (Part-time)
DPhil History (Part-time)
DPhil History of Art
DPhil History of Art (Part-time)
DPhil Human Anatomy and Genetics
DPhil Infect, Imm, and Trans Med
DPhil Info, Comm, and Soc Sci
DPhil Info, Comm, and Soc Sci (PT)
DPhil Inorganic Chemistry
DPhil International Development
DPhil International Relations
DPhil Ion Channels and Disease
DPhil Law
DPhil Law (Part-time)
DPhil Literature and Arts
DPhil Management Studies
DPhil Materials
DPhil Mathematics
DPhil Medical Sciences
DPhil Medieval and Modern Languages (FT)
DPhil Medieval and Modern Languages (PT)
DPhil Modern History
DPhil Molecular and Cellular Medicine
DPhil Molecular Cell Biology in Health and Disease
DPhil Musculoskeletal Sciences
DPhil Music (FT)
DPhil Music (PT)
DPhil Neuroscience
DPhil Obstetrics and Gynaecology
DPhil Oncology
DPhil Organic Chemistry
DPhil Oriental Studies
DPhil Orthopaedic Surgery
DPhil Paediatrics
DPhil Particle Physics
DPhil Pathology
DPhil Pharmacology
DPhil Philosophy
DPhil Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
DPhil Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics
DPhil Plant Sciences
DPhil Politics
DPhil Population Health
DPhil Population Health (1+3)
DPhil Population Health (PT)
DPhil Primary Health Care
DPhil Primary Health Care (PT)
DPhil Psychiatry
DPhil Psychiatry (PT)
DPhil Public Health
DPhil Public Policy
DPhil Public Policy (Part-time)
DPhil Radiobiology (1+3)
DPhil Radiobiology (Direct Entry)
DPhil Social and Cultural Anthropology
DPhil Social Data Science
DPhil Social Data Science (PT)
DPhil Social Intervention
DPhil Social Policy
DPhil Socio-Legal Studies
DPhil Socio-Legal Studies (PT)
DPhil Sociology
DPhil Statistics
DPhil Structural Biology
DPhil Surgery
DPhil Surgical Sciences
DPhil Sustainable Urban Development
DPhil Theology (Full-time)
DPhil Theology (Part-time)
DPhil Theology and Religion (Full-time)
DPhil Theology and Religion (Part-time)
DPhil Theoretical Physics
DPhil Zoology
Environmental Research (NERC DTP)
Gas Turbine Aerodynamics (EPSRC CDT)
Healthcare Innovation (RCUK CDT)
Ind Focused Maths Modelling (EPSRC CDT)
Interdisciplinary Bioscience (BBSRC DTP)
Life Sciences Interface (EPSRC CDT)
MLitt Ancient History
MLitt Anthropology
MLitt Archaeology
MLitt Classical Languages and Literature
MLitt Comp Philology and Gen Linguistics
MLitt Economics
MLitt Education (Full-time)
MLitt Education (Part-time)
MLitt English Language and Literature
MLitt Fine Art (Full-Time)
MLitt Fine Art (Part-Time)
MLitt Geography and the Environment
MLitt History
MLitt Info, Comm, and Soc Sci
MLitt International Development
MLitt International Relations
MLitt Law
MLitt Management Studies
MLitt Medieval and Modern Languages
MLitt Modern History
MLitt Music
MLitt Oriental Studies
MLitt Philosophy
MLitt Politics
MLitt Public Policy
MLitt Social and Cultural Anthropology
MLitt Social Intervention
MLitt Social Policy
MLitt Socio-Legal Studies
MLitt Sociology
MLitt Theology (Full-time)
MLitt Theology (Part-time)
MPhil Law
MPhil Socio-Legal Research
MSc(Res) AOP Physics
MSc(Res) Atomic and Laser Physics
MSc(Res) Biochemistry
MSc(Res) Cardiovascular Science (BHF)
MSc(Res) Chemical Biology
MSc(Res) Clinical Medicine
MSc(Res) Clinical Medicine (Part-time)
MSc(Res) Clinical Neurosciences
MSc(Res) Computer Science
MSc(Res) Education (Full-time)
MSc(Res) Education (Part-time)
MSc(Res) Engineering Science
MSc(Res) Experimental Psychology (Direct Entry)
MSc(Res) Experimental Psychology (PT)
MSc(Res) Geography and the Environment
MSc(Res) Info, Comm, and Soc Sci
MSc(Res) Inorganic Chemistry
MSc(Res) Materials
MSc(Res) Mathematics
MSc(Res) Medical Sciences
MSc(Res) Molecular and Cellular Medicine
MSc(Res) Musculoskeletal Sciences
MSc(Res) Obstetrics and Gynaecology
MSc(Res) Oncology
MSc(Res) Organic Chemistry
MSc(Res) Paediatrics
MSc(Res) Pathology
MSc(Res) Pharmacology
MSc(Res) Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
MSc(Res) Physiology
MSc(Res) Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics
MSc(Res) Primary Health Care
MSc(Res) Psychiatry
MSc(Res) Psychiatry (Part-time)
MSc(Res) Social Intervention
MSc(Res) Social Policy
MSc(Res) Statistics
MSc(Res) Surgical Sciences
MSc(Res) Zoology
MSt Legal Research
MSt Socio-Legal Research
New and Sustainable Photovoltaics (EPSRC CDT)
Oil and Gas (NERC CDT)
Partial Differential Equations (EPSRC CDT)
Renewable Energy Marine Structures (EPSRC CDT)
Sci Eng Arts Heritage Arch (EPSRC CDT)
Science & App Plastic Elec Materials (EPSRC CDT)
Science & Technology of Fusion Energy (EPSRC CDT)
Statistical Science (EPSRC & MRC CDT)
Statistical Science (EPSRC & MRC CDT) Warwick
Synthesis for Biology and Medicine (EPSRC CDT)
Synthetic Biology (EPSRC & BBSRC CDT)
Synthetic Biology (EPSRC & BBSRC CDT) Collab
Systems Approaches to Biomed Sc (EPSRC & MRC CDT)
Systems Biology (EPSRC CDT)
Theory and Modelling in Chem Sciences (EPSRC CDT)
BTh Theology (Full-time)
BTh Theology (Part-time)
MSc Endovascular Neurosurgery (Full-time)
MSc Endovascular Neurosurgery (Part-time)
MSc Evidence-Based Health Care
MSc Experimental Therapeutics
MSc Experimental and Translational Therapeutics 
MSc Mathematical Finance
MSc Nanotechnology for Medicine and Health Care
MSc Nanotechnology for Medicine and HC (PGC Ent)
MSc Software and Systems Security
MSc Software Engineering
MSc Surgical Science and Practice
MSc Translational Health Sciences
MSc Translational Health Sciences (PT) 
MSc Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching
Master of Studies in Practical Ethics

Do I get a choice of dates?

Sort of! During the booking window, different ceremonies have different places reserved for different courses. This is because some postgraduate courses get their results at different times, so we need to make sure your results will be released before your ceremony date. This means people on different courses will see different dates.

If none of the dates available to you in the booking window suit, you can be added to the waiting list for an alternative date. Once the window closes, if there are spaces, it might be possible to move you onto a ceremony that was originally reserved for other courses. Please note this isn't guaranteed - if you want a guaranteed slot, you need to pick one of the dates given in the booking window. Email to ask about potential dates.

In the unlikely event there are no dates when you open the window, don't panic! Keep checking while the booking window is open as people can move between ceremonies. Alternatively, you can contact to be added to the waiting list for a date that wasn't originally for oyur degree type.

I missed the window! What do I do?

Email and we'll be able to check if we can add you to a ceremony manually.

Ceremony Tickets

How many guest tickets do I get?

You are guaranteed two guest tickets.

How do I get my tickets

Your tickets will be waiting for you when you arrive in college on the day. They are not issued electronically, and they don't have specific names attached to them. Your guest must collect their tickets from you on the morning before they go to the Sheldonian. They will not be permitted to enter the Clarendon Quad without their tickets.

Can I get any more tickets?

Around six weeks before your ceremony, the Academic Office will be in touch to make arrangements for your degree day. This will include a chance for you to request extra tickets but please note that additional tickets are in no way guaranteed. Extra tickets only become available if other graduands do not require both of their guaranteed tickets.

Those that ask for extra tickets will go on a waiting list in the order they respond to the email from the Academic Office. It is not possible to be added to the waiting list before then.

How does the waiting list work?

If any extra tickets are available, the person at the top of the list will be given one extra ticket, then the next person will be given one, then so on. If there are still spare tickets once everyone who wants extra tickets has been given one, the person at the top of the list is given a second, and so on.

What if I don't get all the tickets I want?

We host a livestream of the ceremony in College, so guests without tickets can still watch you graduate from here. You can also access the livestream anywhere in the world.


Click here to watch the ceremony livestream

I've booked, now what?

What happens on the day?

The timings vary depending on what time your ceremony is, but there is always a lunch, a group photograph, the opportunity for professional photographs of you and your family, a briefing from the Dean of Degrees, and the ceremony itself at the Sheldonian.

What deadlines are there ahead of the day?

60 days beforehand - this is the deadline to withdraw from the ceremony.

1 month beforehand - this will be the deadline to confirm your arrangements to the Academic Office (more details will be sent to you six weeks beforehand).

2 weeks beforehand - this is the deadline to pay any guest lunches. If you miss this deadline, your guest lunches will be cancelled!

How do I confirm my arrangements?

6 weeks before your ceremony, the Academic Office will send you a form to complete. This will include (among other details):

  • How many guest ceremony tickets you would like
  • Whether you want to attend the lunch on the day, how many guests you would like to bring, and any dietary requirements
  • How you would like to hire your gown and hood

How do gowns work?

Please see the 'Arrangements Form and Next Steps' section.

How can I get visa letters for my guests?

Email and include

  • Your guests' full names and relations to you (e.g. Billy Bloggs, father, Susan Smith, sister)
  • How many physical copies you need (if any)
  • Any other information you need including (e.g. passport numbers).



Arrangements Form and Next Steps

When do I get the form?

The Academic Office will email you around six weeks ahead of your ceremony with the link to the form and the deadline for completing it, which will be four weeks before the ceremony.

If you submit your form after the deadline, you will not be permitted to request extra ceremony tickets or guest lunch places. The waiting list for extra tickets is based on the order that completed forms are received, so the quicker you complete your form, the higher up on the waiting list you will be.

Ceremony Tickets

In this section you indicate how many of your guaranteed tickets you want, and whether you would like to be added to the waiting list for any extras. You do not need to book a ticket for yourself.

Lunch Arrangements

In this section, you indicate whether you want to attend the lunch in college, and how many guests you want to bring. Please list all dietary requirements, including for all your guests!

You are guaranteed a place for your and two guests, and can be added to the waiting list for extra guest lunch places.

Paying for Lunches

Once your number of lunches is confirmed, you will be asked to pay via Flywire. We will send you an email with full instructions.

The deadline for paying is two weeks before the ceremony. If you have not paid by this point, your guest lunches will be cancelled. This is a hard deadline.

After you have paid, we are unable to issue refunds if a guest can no longer make it, as the food will already have been purchased.


Usually you are given your certificate on the day, but we need an up-to-date address in case we need to post your certificate to you. If you address changes after you complete the form, please let us know.

Gown hire

John Carter, the Porter at HMC, is able to provide gowns, hood and academic caps (mortar boards), often at a cheaper rate than other gowners (£50 to be paid in cash on the day).

We strongly recommend you hire your gown through John as he will have everything ready for you in College when you arrive, which means that you do not need to collect your gown from elsewhere beforehand (we sometimes have issues where gowners do not open in time and people have not been able to collect their gown and/or issues where people have been given the wrong gown). However, you can hire your gown from elsewhere if you wish. In the form, you will be asked to indicate which option you choose. If you choose to hire through John, you will also need to pick the right size.






On the day

What's the programme?


The programme for the the day varies depending on what time your ceremony is. The three variations are:

10:30 Ceremonies

08:45: Arrival, refreshments and gowning

09:15: Briefing by Dean of Degrees in the chapel

10:00: Leave for the Sheldonian

10:30: The ceremony begins

11:50: Ceremony finishes (approximate)

12:00: Return to college for the group photograph

13:00: Lunch in the Arlosh Hall

13:30 Ceremonies

10:00: Arrival, refreshments, gowning and photography

11:00: Group photograph

11:15: Briefing by Dean of Degrees in the chapel

11:45: Lunch in the Arlosh Hall

13:00: Leave for the Sheldonian

13:30: The ceremony begins

14:50: Ceremony finishes (approximate)

16:15 Ceremonies

12:30: Arrival, refreshments, gowning and photography

13:30: Group Photograph

13:45: Briefing by Dean of Degrees in the chapel

14:15: Lunch in the Arlosh Hall

15:45: Leave for the Sheldonian

16:15: The ceremony begins

17:35: Ceremony finishes (approximate)


Arrival, refreshments and gowning

When you arrive, you'll need to sign in and collect your guest ceremony tickets. Don't forget to give your tickets to your guests before they go to the Sheldonian! John will then help you get into your gown. There will be refreshments for you and your guests.

Briefing from the Dean of Degrees

This is where you'll be given a run through of the ceremony. Your guests are welcome to come as well.

Group photograph and individual/family photographs

We have a mandatory group photograph of all the graduands, and then you will have chance to have professional shots of you and your family and friends.


A livestream of ceremonies can be accessed by clicking below.


Watch the livestream

The Ceremony

You'll get a full briefing on the day but the University has produced the below video which gives you a good idea of what to expect.