Emails, WiFi, Printing, and Other IT

During your studies, you will be issued at least one email address, constructed as follows:

This account is created by the University of Oxford’s IT Services (, and is based on information you provided when you submitted your University application form.

Corrections to the spelling of your email address are considered a by-product of corrections to the spelling of your name on your University Card.


You can access your emails by visiting:

Please use your Oxford SSO account to log in.

Mailing Lists

Harris Manchester College operates a mailing list for each Common Room. Your University email address must be subscribed to the corresponding list in order for the College to be able to communicate news, details of events, and other important information to you.

Whilst it is mandatory that everyone is subscribed to one of the mailing lists, only a limited number of people are authorised to send messages to everyone.

If you have something you believe is valuable to share with other members of our College, please contact:

  • Junior Common Room: JCR President or JCR Secretary
  • Middle Common Room: MCR President or MCR Secretary
  • Senior Common Room: Bursary Staff, Academic Office Staff

If you believe you are not receiving several emails a day via the mailing lists, it may be your address has not been subscribed. In such instances, please contact the College IT Staff:

Wireless Internet Access in College:

  • Eduroam
  • The Cloud
  • OWL

Students – Please use Eduroam. For this, you will need a Remote Access account (see below).

Academic Visitors – Please use the Eduroam credentials from your home institute. If you do not have Eduroam, you are most welcome to connect to The Cloud. Please be aware: Not all Colleges, Departments or Libraries offer The Cloud. In such Circumstances, you will need to ask for an OWL Visitor account from the person you are visiting.

Conference Guests and others – Please use The Cloud. this is a commercial service from Sky, delivered through University of Oxford infrastructure. connecting is via self-service – you will need to register then can get online instantly without the intervention of the College’s computing staff.


Registering for a Remote Access account:

Eduroam Automated Configuration Tool (CAT):

The Cloud Registration Page:


In order to download and install the Eduroam Automated Configuration Tool, a working Internet connection is required. If you are already in Oxford, you may connect to OWL (without credentials). No other web pages will work over OWL. Once your device is configured using CAT, disconnect from OWL and join Eduroam. This mostly applies to Windows laptop users. MacBook and smartphone users can connect directly to Eduroam and the device should auto-detect the required settings before prompting you for your SSO username and Remote Access password.


Print jobs can uploaded here and can be released by tapping your University card against the printers located in the main corridor or in the Library Foyer.


The MFDs allow Students to photocopy, please make yourself familiar with copyright regulations – notices should be attached to each MFD. To commence photocopying, swipe your University Card then choose Copying functions from the touch screen. Photocopying is a chartable service.

Scanning to email

Scanning to email is not a chargeable service, but you still need to swipe your University Card to identify yourself. By doing so, you will also find the from and to email address fields are automatically completed with your University email address.


Each term, all students are credited £6.00. This is equivalent to 200 single A4 B&W sides. If you use up all your free credit in any given Term, you will need to pay cash (in units of £5.00) to the Bursary Staff, who in turn will submit a job request to the IT Staff. All credit should be applied within one working day (24 hours) – take note of this and do not expect a 5 minute response if you have a submission deadline. Please plan ahead.


A4 B&W: £0.03 per side

A4 Colour: £0.15 per side

A3 B&W: £0.05 per side

A3 Colour: £0.25 per side