Library of Protestant Dissent


Key Features

“One of the most important collections in existence for the history of British dissent, with the emphasis on Unitarianism” – Paul Morgan, Oxford Libraries Outside the Bodleian, 1973.

  • Works and criticism of dissenting authors and thinkers, and major periodicals of the non-conforming traditions.
  • Liturgies and prayer books
  • Chapel histories: With particular emphasis on Unitarian chapels in Manchester, Cheshire, and London, but also Congregationalists, Presbyterians and other nonconformists.
  • Hymnbooks: A large collection of music and words for hymns, psalms, chants, and  other forms of Christian musical worship.
  • A unique collection on Transylvanian Unitarianism, resulting from an influx of students from Transylvania in the 20th century

Further Dissenter Resources

Dissenting Academies Online contains a database and encyclopedia with accounts of individual academies and biographical articles of tutors and students, and a union catalogue recording the holdings of leading Baptist, Congregational, and Presbyterian academy libraries in England over the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, including HMC and its antecedents.

Other Collections

Other collections which contain rich and valuable resources relating to the history of Protestant Dissent include:

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