Meal Booking

The College has implemented an online meal booking system, which can be found here:

This allows the Catering Staff to more accurately prepare the right amount of food and thus reduce wastage. Please ensure you sign in or out if you know you will or will not be attending a meal. Bookings close at 10:30am for that day’s lunch, dinner and subsequent day’s breakfast.

Default meal booking settings

By default, Living In students are signed in for all term-time meals. Please sign out if you wish to earn credits for meals not attended.
Conversely, Living Out students are signed out for all meals. Please sign in to allow the kitchen to prepare enough food for you and everyone else.

Dietary needs

Special dietary requirements can usually be catered for, given sufficient notice. If you always sign in with the same dietary requirement e.g. vegetrian, then please drop an email to and the IT Staff will change your default settings.


The number of guests you can bring to any given meal will vary depending on the type of meal or the event the meal is a part of. The system will advise you accordingly. All your guests’ meals will be charged to you.


For all billing questions relating to meals, please talk to the Accounts Team.