Dr Isabel Ruiz


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Dr Isabel Ruiz

Official Fellow, Tutor in Economics and Tutor for Graduates

Associate Professor of Political Economy

Isabel is an Associate Professor of Political Economy at the University of Oxford. She is a Fellow in Economics at Harris Manchester College where she is also a Tutorial Fellow, and an Adjunct Faculty member at the Blavatnik School of Government. She is Associate Editor for the Oxford Review of Economic Policy (OXREP) and the co-convener of the Economics of Forced Migration Project (Econforced). Prior her current position, Isabel was Associate Professor of Political Economy and Director of Studies in Economics in Continuing Education at the University of Oxford and Assistant Professor in Economics at Sam Houston State University. 


Isabel convenes the economic courses for the Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), Economics and Management (E&M) and History and Economic (HE) programmes at Harris Manchester College. She teaches introductory economics and quantitative methods (introductory econometrics) at the college.


Isabel’s research interests are broadly in labour, development and political economy. Her most recent work draws from these three areas and focuses particularly on the economics of migration - with an emphasis on forced migration. Isabel is co-convener of the Economics of Forced Migration project, Econforced, a research initiative which provides quantitative evidence on the impacts of displacement on host communities, the displaced and the communities of origin. She is currently working on research project using conjoint survey experiments to increase our understanding of the factors that affect individual attitudes and policy preferences towards migration in the context of south-south migration and in the UK. 

Isabel is a Fellow at the International Migration Institute (IMI) at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, and a Global Labor Organization (GLO) Fellow. She is also an affiliate (and part of the management board) of the Latin American Centre at Oxford.