Dr Hana Navratilova

Photo portrait of Hana Navratilova, waring a t-shirt, with archaeological finds on shelves behind

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Dr Hana Navratilova

Research Fellow

Dr Hana Navratilova is a Research Fellow of Harris Manchester College and a Lecturer and Senior Tutor in the Department of Classics at the University of Reading; she is also a member of the Ancient World Research Cluster at the Wolfson College. She is involved in several research projects and in teaching. She works on the project Who was Who in Egyptology for the Egypt Exploration Society and is a member of the Egyptian Expedition of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Hana has been involved in the study of Egyptian secondary epigraphy (graffiti) since 2003, and in fieldwork epigraphy in Egypt since 2010. Her main research interests are in New Kingdom epigraphy, history of Egyptology and use of digital humanities. She specialises also in the research of reception of Egyptian history: from emic Egyptian uses of the past to modern Egyptian revivals, and etic encounters with heritage sites.  


Hana currently teaches Egyptian archaeology for the Sarah Lawrence Programme at Wadham College, and Egyptian history and language for the University of Reading. She has taught and examined undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students in the UK and internationally. 

Current projects 

Hana is working on projects ‘Dahshur graffiti’ for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, ‘Medum graffiti’ using legacy records from the Griffith Institute, University of Oxford (together with Khaled Hassan, Cairo University), and on use of biography and object biography in history of Egyptology. In 2022–2023, Hana is finalising the first part of the edition of secondary epigraphy from the pyramid complex of Senwosret III in Dahshur, Egypt, funded by the American Research Center in Egypt, and hosted at the HMC. Hana’s recent publications are the chapter on ‘Graffiti’ in a publication of the temple of Ramesses II (Abydos) and a contribution in the series Ramesside Inscriptions. Her forthcoming publications include The Citizen of Nowhere, a biography of Egyptologist Jaroslav Černý, and Scribal Culture (with Niv Allon) in the Cambridge Elements series.