We are so grateful for gifts of all sizes from our alumni and supporters. Your generosity is acknowledged and recognised in many ways. Very special thanks to those listed below for their continuing significant support of the College:


Foundation Fellows (Lifetime recognition of significant gifts of over £100,000)


Charles Banks

Sandrine Belanger

Laurel Blossom

Sabrina Cheung

Oxley Ching

Robert Conway

Richard Detweiler

Karnitha Karnchanachari

Lady Dan Li

Don Mealing

Maevadi Navapan

Wilson Sea

Ludek Sekyra

Paul Trible

Lawrence Tseu

James Waddell



Regents (Recognition of £10,000 annual gifts or legacy gift of £100,000+)


Subodh Chanrai

Chatchai Charusathiara

Sabrina Cheung

David Chien

Oxley Ching

Shawn Ching

David Chong

Henry Chong

Richard Clark

Bob Conway

Lindsay Cooper

Charles Curtis

Arthur Evans

John Henry Felix

Brian Fidler

Steve Franklin

Simon Gibson

Tom Hinshaw

Mike Hodin

Jeff Hulet

Steve Jensen

Jennifer Johnson

Karnitha Karnchanachari

Zouhair Khaliq

Nigel Knowles

Jeff Lee

Dan Li

Wilson Sea

Ludek Sekyra

Ricardo Tavares