Student Parents

Prospective students from the UK with children may apply through the government for funding to help with childcare with support issued on a case by case basis. Sources of funding include:

Childcare Grant

This is funding provided by the government and students apply through their LA. This is for childcare provision costs for full time students with dependent children in registered or approved childcare. It is based on actual childcare costs and is means tested.

Parents’ Learning Allowance

This is for course-related costs for full time students with dependent children. It is means tested and students apply through their LA.

Child Tax Credits

For students this replaces Dependants Grant for children. It is means tested on income and circumstances (Inland Revenue). You don’t have to be working to claim it.

Child Benefit

Child Benefit is money available to parents who are responsible for bringing up a child who is either under 16 or under 20 if they are still registered for approved education of training.

Oxford Hardship Fund

On-course student parents may apply for the Oxford Hardship Fund (which has replaced the Access to Learning Fund scheme).

Unfortunately Harris Manchester doesn’t have any family accommodation.  The University does have limited family accommodation which graduate students may be eligible for.  Further information can be found here. The Student Union also offers some guidance to students who are looking for a private tenancy and details of that can be found here.

School Admissions

Information for how to apply for a place for your child at either a primary school (age 4-11) or a secondary school (age 11-18) can be found here.

Childcare Services Information

Childcare Services Information about the University’s Childcare Services and organisations which is has affiliations with which offer childcare, and school holiday and sports camps can be found here.

Information for parents

Information about all services available to parents (including childcare) from Oxford City Council can be found here.

Student parents 

A compilation of information for student parents can be found here.