Update Your Content

How to Update Your Content

The website editorial team will do their best to keep pages up to date but ultimately the responsibility lies with each department/person to tell us about their requested changes for the website. The best and quickest way to change your content is to fill out the form below. This will then be automatically sent to the website editorial team who can make the changes on your behalf.

Changes to Wording

If you would just like to change the wording of a section, then please clearly state which section before providing us with the new wording. We will then be in touch to confirm that the changes have been completed.

More Complex Changes

If you have more complex changes (i.e. you would like to change the design of a departmental section) then please mention this in the form and a member of the editorial team will be in touch to discuss the requested changes. Not all design choices are possible so please try and keep your requests within reason!

A Note On Publications

Selected/Recent publications are provided by Symplectic, Oxford's software for displaying publications connected to your Single Sign-On (SSO) login details. This means that your publications will automatically update on this website when you update your Symplectic. It can take a few days for the changes to be made so please do not worry if a new publication does not immediately display on your profile.


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