Virtual Tour


Welcome to our Virtual Tour!

Join students Katie, Joe, Anna, Senith, Hamza and Toto as they take you around Harris Manchester College.


You can watch the full tour here, or if you're interested in a specific part of the college, we've split the tour into bitesize videos below.


Don't miss the tour quiz at the bottom of this page, where Joe and Anna go head-to-head to test their knowledge of HMC trivia!
bitesize tours v2

Introduction and meet Katie
The Navapan Gate
Meet Joe and Anna
The Clocktower
Pye Kitchen
Details about catering
Laundry Room
Locker Room


Accommodation arrangements
Brunner Hall
Navapan Hall
Bookable spaces
Welfare Advisor's Office
Phone Box and Defibrillator

Conway Hall
Tour of Katie's room
Tour of Joe's room
MCR Kitchen and Lounge
Maevadi Hall, Conference Room and Basement
Maevadi Accommodation
Tour of Senith's Room

Undergraduate accommodation arrangements
Tate Quad
Arlosh Tower
Arlosh Hall
The Main Building and SCR
The Library

The Chapel
Music in College
The Carpenter Room
The Warrington Room
The Charles Wellbeloved Room
Meet Hamza

hmc quiz v2


Anna and Joe go head-to-head to test their HMC knowledge!

See how many facts you know, and find out interesting trivia about HMC.