Finance and Funding


Course fees are fixed for each year and are subject to variation from one year to the next. Accommodation charges also vary from year to year. As much notice as possible is given of any increases in fees and charges. You can find out more about fees and charges here:

Further Information on Sources of Funding

For First Degrees

Those from low income backgrounds may be eligible for sources of financial support including Oxford Bursaries and Crankstart Bursaries amongst others. For further information and to find out if you are eligible for a bursary, please follow this link to the Central Bursary portal.

In addition the Government offers further financial support for those from low income backgrounds. For information on eligibility and the level of support, please follow this link to the Central University's dedicated portal for government funding.

Those who are reading for a Second Undergraduate Degree are not eligible for Crankstart or Oxford Bursaries but you may be awarded a scholarship. All Harris Manchester offer holders for Second Undergraduate Degrees (excluding those reading Graduate Entry Medicine) are eligible to apply, including overseas students from outside the UK or Republic of Ireland. Awards will be made primarily on the basis of academic merit but applicants’ financial situation will also be taken into consideration. Offer holders will be forwarded the relevant application form in January.

International students may be eligible for some of the other Oxford scholarships listed on the Central Bursary Portal.

UK students may apply for a Disabled Student's Allowance (DSA). International students may be eligible for university fuding for some disbaility-relate costs. This assistance does not have to be repaid. Further information is available from the University's Disability Advisory Service.

Prospective students from the UK with children may apply through the government for funding to help with childcare with support issued on a case by case basis. Sources of funding include:

1. Childcare Grant. This is funding provided by the government and students apply through their LA. This is for childcare provision costs for full time students with dependent children in registered or approved childcare. It is based on actual childcare costs and is means tested.
2. Parents’ Learning Allowance. This is for course-related costs for full time students with dependent children. It is means tested and students apply through their LA.
3. Child Tax Credits. For students this replaces Dependants Grant for children. It is means tested on income and circumstances (Inland Revenue). You don’t have to be working to claim it.

On-course student parents may apply for the Oxford Hardship Fund (which has replaced the Access to Learning Fund scheme).

More information for student parents can be found here.

The Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust

The Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust supports the work of mature students of proven academic merit, and in financial need, who are pursuing further degree qualifications at an institution in the UK. Open to students from all countries, applicants must be resident in the UK at the time of applying, as well as during their course of study. The Trust supports postgraduate degrees in any subject, as well as courses in medicine or veterinary sciences taken as a second degree. All grants are made annually, and are normally between £500 and £1,500.

Please see for further details.

The Sidney Perry Foundation

The Sidney Perry Foundation is a non-profit organisation is dedicated to providing grants to students to assist persons to obtain education in its widest sense, other than primary, when the expenses thereof would without such assistance be beyond their means.

Please see for further details.

The Humanitarian Trust

The Humanitarian Trust awards one-off grants of a maximum of £1,000 to students each year who have a shortfall in their income needed to complete their course of study.

Please see for further details.

Funding For On-Course Students

College Scholars

Students who achieve a Distinction or 1st in their first-year exams may be elected to a College Scholarship which comes with a bursary of £100 per year.

The John Dalton Prizes

Each academic discipline in college may award up to three £50 Saphieh Ashtiany and Paul Davies prizes per year. Criteria vary between disciplines, but include an appraisal of the whole year’s work, or a prize given for a particular essay or dissertation.

Donald Tranter Prize

A Donald Tranter Prize of £50 is awarded each year for the best all round contribution to College life.

All Souls' Scholarships

Given by All Souls College. It provides a book grant to each first-year student. The fund also supports HMC students who qualify for the Oxford Bursaries Scheme.

Rowlinson Prize

A prize of £50 given for progress made in the second year.

Carey-Mann Prize

The Carey-Mann Prize is awarded annually to the student in the college achieving the highest mark in Prelims Paper Literature in English 1830-1910. The recipient of the prize will be awarded £50.

Hardship Funds

College and University Hardship Funds are available to both undergraduate and graduate students who have a financial difficulty which was unforeseen at the time of accepting the place. Forms for each of these are available from the College’s Academic Office. Students in financial difficulty may also apply to the JCR Trust

The College will award up to £200 towards approved academic costs. To apply please contact the Senior Tutor, Lesley Smith. 

Travel Grants

The University of Oxford has a variety of travel grants and bursaries available to students which can be applied for via the Central University travel portal.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of travel grants and many Oxford students are able to secure funding from alternative, more specialised sources in order to attend conferences and to carry out field work. Your tutor will be your best source of information for subject specific travel grants and support will be provided by the college for any student wishing to apply to travel as part of their academic studies.

For further sources of financial support, please see here.