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Collections have a dedicated page here.

On that page, you can book collections, submit marks, and find a comprehensive set of deadlines.


The primary contact for Collections is Richard Molyneux via


Please see below for guidance on TMS. Don't hesitate to ask for help.

TMS can be accessed here. Full manuals and guidance can be found here, and summaries are available below.

The primary contact for TMS is Richard Molyneux via

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TMS is accessed using your Single Sign On (SSO). If you do not have an Oxford SSO, please contact for guidance. You will also have to have been authorised in TMS by an Academic Office - if you are having trouble logging in, contact

When you access TMS for the first time, please set up your tutor profile, including your payment details. You can access your profile at the top-right corner of the TMS homepage.


Please see this step-by-step guide for details on how to submit reports in TMS.

Academic reports should be submitted by the end of 7th week each term.


Tutors cannot approve their own reports.

Organising Tutors should approve all reports in their subject once they are content with the content and number of hours.

To see all reports awaiting approval, log into TMS and look under the blue 'Organising Tutor' heading on the front page; clicking on the 'Submitted' heading will bring up all the reports that have been submitted in your subject that have not yet been approved.

If you are the sole Organising Tutor in your subject, the Senior Tutor will approve your reports. Please also note the details about how approving reports relates to reports being released to students in the next tab in this list.

The Academic Office will contact all Organising Tutors when a deadline for payment has been agreed with the Accounts Office each term. Reports must be approved by this deadline by Organsising Tutors to be processed for payment. The deadline will also be included on this page.



The Academic Office will bulk release all reports that are marked as approved by Organising Tutors on Monday of 9th week each term.

If you would like a set of reports to be released to students before this date, please email specifying which reports should be released and when.

If reports are not marked as approved by the deadline, you can email at any point afterward to request that specific reports (or groups of reports) be released.

Students will be alerted when the bulk release of reports takes place.


Deadline for submission of reports: Friday of 7th week

Bulk release of approved reports to students: Monday of 9th week

Deadline for reports to be marked as approved for payment: Deadlines will be displayed in the summary on the right hand side of this page. Tutors will be notified when this is agreed with the Accounts Office.



I can't log in - what do I do?

It may simply be that your previous authorisation expired and can be renewed within a few minutes. Email (including your SSO username would be helpful but not essential).


When do I submit my reports?

You should submit your reports by the end of 7th week each term to be included in the end of term payment run. You can submit reports after this, but you might not get paid until the following term.


What should I include in my comments?

These don't need to be exhaustive. Some comments on each students' progress and areas for improvement will be sufficient. Please remember that these reports will be released to the students.


How do I approve my reports?

You cannot approve your own reports. Organising Tutors should approve reports for tutors in their subject by the stated deadline each term, and the Senior Tutor will approve reports for Organising Tutors.


I'm completely stuck! How do I get help?

The Academic Office is happy to help; you can drop by with a laptop or similar, or if you're in HMC we can come to your office. Alternatively, we are happy to have a Teams call to walk you through it. Please email

Right to Work

Right to Work lists should be submitted by Organising Tutors in advance of the start of each term.

Full details, including deadlines, can be found below.


Right to Work is serious business with severe ramifications if done wrong. We'd rather check far too many people than not enough. If you're in any doubt of what to do, we're very happy to help.


The primary contact for Right to Work is Richard Molyneux via

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In the run up to each term, the Academic Office will email all Organising Tutors to ask for Right to Work lists. You will need to send in a list of all tutors you expect to use that term, even if it's only marking a single collection or taking a single tutorial.

Checks must be undertaken by the Academic Office before any work is undertaken.

Your lists should include all graduate students, post holders at HMC, and post holders at other colleges / departments, whether or not you've used them before (not all right to work is permanent).

Lists should include full names as a minimum, and should also include email addresses (helpful, but not mandatory for those with an Oxford email, required for those who are not members of the University).


The deadline for Michaelmas Term 2023 is TBC.


Please provide as many tutors as you can by the deadline. If there are a couple outstanding (often because these are being sorted by the departments), please provide these as soon as you are able.

If you become aware of a new tutor partway through term, please email immediately.


In many cases, the Academic Office is able to verify right to work without contacting the person. If you are unsure whether you have been checked, please email as soon as possible and we will be happy to confirm.


Right to work checking is a legal requirement; if we are found to be employing someone without having conducted a right to work check in advance of employing them, we are liable for on-the-spot fines of up to £10,000 per person.

In a worst case scenario, we could lose the University its licence to sponsor visas, which means all our overseas students and staff would have to leave the UK.

This all sounds drastic, but we're happy to advise. If you have any questions about what we need in terms of right to work, please get in touch.

Extensions of Time

Extensions of Time are granted by the Proctors and there are two types.

Students should be encouraged to contact the Academic Office as soon as possible if they think they will need an extension.


The primary contact for Extensions of Time is Vicky Lill via

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Students can apply for two extensions  via this method per year, and only once per assignment. Extensions granted via this method are restricted to one additional week.

This type of request should only be made on the basis of a short term acute illness (migraines, colds, food poisoning etc.).

If students need an extension for another reason, or an extension of more than a week, they should contact as soon as possible.

To apply for a self-certified extension of time, students should complete this webform.


If a student cannot use the self-certification method (above), they should contact as soon as possible.

If they require an extension on medical grounds, please encourage them to make an appointment to see their GP as the Proctors will not consider any request that does not include relevant supporting evidence.

Other forms of evidence may also be considered, but advice should be sought from Vicky by the student as to what evidence will need to be supplied.

Mitigating Circumstances

Mitigating Circumstances Notices are used to inform Exam Boards of factors that may have impaired a student's performance in relation to an exam or coursework submission.


Students who would like to submit a mitigating circumstances notice should contact and read the guidance here.


The primary contact for Mitigating Circumstances Notices is Vicky Lill via


This section is being constructed, and will be updated closer to the Admissions round in Michaelmas Term.

You'll be able to find helpful links, deadlines, and form templates.


The primary contact for Admissions is both Vicky and Richard via


Useful links

ADSS (requires authorisation - please contact

Guidance for Admitting Tutors (requires SSO to access)


Payment Information

Payment scales can be found in the Register of Payments published by the Senior Tutors' Committee. The 2022/23 register can be viewed here.

Payment claims must be requested via this form (2022/23 version - the 2023/24 version will be published here in due course). The completed form should be emailed to

Key deadlines

Below are lists of upcoming major deadlines. See individual tabs to the left for full lists of deadlines relating to Collections, TMS, and Right to Work.